Fixing systems
HALFEN anchoring systems: The intelligent alternative to drilling and welding.

A large product range is available to reliably transfer loads into concrete structures, and provide solutions for almost any anchoring problem. The installer benefits from easy location adjustment for the connection without the dust, noise, sparks, high voltages, vibrating hand tools, and additional safety issues associated with other methods of anchoring.

HALFEN HTA Cast-In Channels

HALFEN Cast-In Channels, T-bolts and Accessories
Halfen cast-in channels
HALFEN cast-in channels are the ideal basis for easy-to-install, adjustable connections to concrete. An easily removable strip filler provides protection against the ingress of concrete into the channel. After pouring the concrete, simple twist-in T-bolts can be adjusted along the length of the channel giving versatile anchoring positioning. The high performance and reliability of this HALFEN system allows its use throughout the building and civil engineering industries: including commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, government buildings, stadiums, water treatment plants, manufacturing plants, transportation structures, tunnels, and bridges. The following list gives examples of the type of components that are typically anchored to HALFEN channels, but there are many other applications:

  • curtain wall, brick, stone and precast fašades
  • structural and architectural steel components
  • mechanical and electrical services
  • machine anchoring
  • elevator and escalator components
Channel Installation 2.JPG
HALFEN HTA cast-in channels are available in hot and cold rolled profiles. HALFEN hot rolled channels are ideal for all applications in which dynamic loads occur.
Particular quality features associated with HALFEN cast-in channels are:
  • high load capacities
  • small edge distances
  • reliable performance
  • easy visual inspection
  • easy to adjust
  • fast installation without noise, dust, fumes, sparks, vibrating hand tools, or damage to the concrete
  • available both in stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized

These quality features make HALFEN cast-in channels an indispensable product for all designers and installers.