HALFEN Detan System: Provides aesthetic and high performance structural bracing.

Architectural visions become a structural reality with Detan – the system offers almost unlimited design opportunities.

HALFEN Detan System

Tension rod system
The HALFEN Detan System has many applications. The following are a short selection:

  • structural bracing of steel structures
  • support of canopies
  • bracing of timber, steel and glass roof structures
  • bracing of glass fašades
  • support and bracing of pedestrian bridges
  • internal and external architectural features
Tension rod system
Quality features are:
  • very high performance steels
  • wide range of system diameters and exact project system lengths
  • available galvanized or stainless steel
  • easily adjustable for length with concealed threads
  • concealed threads are sealed to protect against corrosion
  • high quality finishes and visual appearance